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Requests for Winebrenner financial aid information, forms, and deadlines should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

For issues concerning Financial Aid, contact the Winebrenner Financial Aid Office at or by phone at 1-800-992-4987 ext. 4220.

FAFSA - The WTS school code is G04060

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How to Repay Your Loans

Financial Aid Policies (Catalog, p. 96)


The purpose of Financial Aid at Winebrenner Seminary is to provide for students preparing for ministry aid that will be compatible with their demonstrated need. By balancing a student's resources with the available grants and loans, Winebrenner strives to work out a student financial aid package that will eliminate undue financial pressure, excessive employment or extensive indebtedness.


Funding graduate education is a challenge. It is assumed that each student will make every effort to take responsibility for his or her educational expenses. A student will need to consider his or her savings, academic year income, contributions from assets and parental contributions as financial resources. In some instances, a spouse's income will be available. In many cases parental resources are not an option. However, when appropriate, it is expected that a student will seek to obtain assistance from family sources.

Kingdom Now! Interdenominational Ministry Alliance (IMA) Scholarship

The Kingdom Now! Interdenominational Ministry Alliance (IMA) Scholarship is a $12,000 (non-cash) award available to IMA members enrolled in the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling or Master of Arts in Practical Theology programs maintaining half-time continuous status. Scholarship application submittals will be received throughout the academic year.  Click here to complete the application online.  Email if you have questions.

The John and Toni Murray Scholarship Fund

The John and Toni Murray Scholarship Fund is a full-tuition scholarship available to full-time M.Div. students willing to serve in the Churches of God, General Conference for at least three years following graduation.  Deadline for application is June 15, 2019.  Click here to complete the application online.  Email at if you have questions.

Rev. Larry Swaisgood Scholarship

The Rev. Larry Swaisgood Scholarship Fund is a $10,000 scholarship available to new Master of Divinity students in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years. To be eligible, students must be fully accepted to the Master of Divinity program. Application will require a written letter of endorsement from a pastor, professional, or spiritually connected (to the student) individual. The letter of endorsement should include elements of the student’s calling, discernment, and past relation to the author.  Additionally, the endorsement must indicate why the author believes the student would benefit from the Master of Divinity Degree. Applications are accepted until all awards are disbursed.  Click here to complete the application online.  Please email letter of endorsement to

Stafford Loans

Winebrenner Seminary participates in the Federal Graduate Student Loan Program. These are low interest loans and have payments deferred until six months after graduation, upon leaving school, or when enrollment is less than half-time. An unsubsidized Stafford Loan is available to all students regardless of need, interest accrues during the period of in-school deferment, grace period and payback. Stafford Loans are available to any students meeting the eligibility requirements. Eligibility requirements include Selective Service compliance, half-time attendance, verification of financial information and no refund owed or default status in any Title IV program.

Click here to Title IV funding regulations.

Local Church Grants

Students may find aid available from their local church. Many churches maintain a scholarship fund for persons that will enter training for vocational ministry.

Denominational Grants

Most denominations have funds available to assist with the educational process of persons within their particular denomination. Students should work with the proper agency within their denomination to make application for these grants.

Institutional Aid

Each semester, the Winebrenner Financial Aid Committee distributes available student aid among those students who apply to receive aid. All students, regardless of denominational affiliation, are eligible to apply for available aid. Part-time students are considered in proportion to class load. Distribution is made based upon information provided in the application process and is granted in proportion to demonstrated need, number of hours taken and other aid available to the student.

Winebrenner Emergency Loans

The Emma Kreger Student Loan Fund is available to make small, short-term loans to students when emergencies arise. Loans are interest-free and are payable beginning three months after graduation or as other arrangements are made at the time of the loan. Students using the emergency loan fund are encouraged to contribute to the principal of the fund for the benefit of other students as an expression of appreciation for receiving the interest-free loan.

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