Master of Arts in Practical Theology

Dr. David Barbee, Director

The Master of Arts in Practical Theology (MAPT) equips persons for servant leadership and service in various areas associated with the Christian community’s corporate life and practice. The degree seeks to develop the general theological, practical application, abilities, and skills required in various ministry forms.  The program integrates intensive and distance learning courses, while allowing students to remain resident within their particular local and congregational contexts.

The MAPT is a 60-credit, four-year graduate degree program delivered in a hybrid system.  Thirty-three credit hours are completed by intensive courses at Winebrenner or a nearby retreat center.  The remaining 27 credits are completed via distance education (online). The MAPT is intended to provide advanced training for individuals seeking to serve in diverse ministries including lay leadership roles.

Students may choose an area of concentration that best fits their calling, gifts, and career goals. The MAPT offers three areas of concentration in which students complete four, 3-credit courses (12 credits). The three areas of concentration offered are:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Christian Leadership
  • Pastoral Ministry


General education requirements for all concentrations (45 credit hours):

Foundations for Seminary Study (1 credit hour)
The Ministerial Person
Interpreting God's World & Word
A Survey of Christian Theology
Spiritual Formation
A Survey of the History of Christianity
OT Foundations*
NT Foundations*
Church in Mission
Church History and Polity
Christian Leadership
Christian Leadership and Communication
Supervised Ministry
Ministry Skills and Techniques (2 credit hours)
*Students may test out of OT Foundations and/or NT Foundations by passing a preliminary Bible exam

Suggested curricula concentration courses and electives (15 credit hours):

MAPT with concentration in Biblical Studies
Four concentration courses chosen from:
OT 501 Pentateuch
OT 502 Prophets
NT 626 Synoptic Gospels
NT 627 Studies in Paul
NT 628 Gospel of John
One elective course from TH, CH, or CM departments

MAPT with concentration in Christian Leadership
Three concentration courses:
CM 500 Character of a Leader
CM 501 Leadership Competencies
CM 502 Leadership Practicum
Two elective courses from OT, NT, TH, CH, and/or CM departments

MAPT with concentration in Pastoral Ministry
Three concentration courses:
CM 583 Pastoral Care and Counseling
CM 585 Discipleship Ministries: Christian Formation
CM 586 Christian Worship
Two elective courses from OT, NT, TH, CH, and/or CM departments

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