Student Success & Records Coordinator

Job Description

The position of Student Success and Records Coordinator is responsible for administrative leadership within the WTS community related to events and processes that define, develop, and serve student/staff interactions and student issues. Maintain all official enrollment information and grade reports. Serve as a member of the administrative staff. This position is directly supervised by, and reports to, the Vice President for Academic Advancement (Academic Dean). It is a full-time position. 

Specific duties and responsibilities of this position include the following: 

  • This job answers to the Academic Dean of the Seminary. Work with Academic Dean to keep him/her informed of all relevant issues, as needed. 
  • Pray for sensitivity, wisdom, and patience in relating to the various groups and perspectives within the Winebrenner community. 
  • Commit to support, by precept and by example, Winebrenner Seminary’s Mission Statement, the Statement of Faith, the objectives and policies and best interests of the Seminary as declared in the Handbook of Operations.
  • Pleasantly greet guests to Winebrenner at the front desk. Be available to answer the phone. 
  • Advise prospective students toward successful decisions. After official admission, provide information to students that initiates their success. 
  • Enter new student information into various SIS and LMS software. 
  • Assist with development of orientation materials. 
  • In cooperation with the Director of Enrollment Management, evaluate transcripts and/or portfolios, recommend probationary admission if applicable. Support said students for success, keeping Academic Dean informed and involved as needed.   
  • Work with instructors to identify students at risk for technical, writing, and/or research deficiencies to strengthen reflection capacities. Provide support and resources as needed. 
  • Oversee progress review logistics, though typically not as a participant in the review interviews.  
  • Establish a close connection with students and faculty through campus office hours, e-mail accessibility, and participation in student and faculty events, so as to be aware of initiatives, concerns, and visions. 
  • Present procedural and policy change proposals on a regular basis through appropriate channels.  
  • Oversee official student withdrawal process including appropriate referrals and maintaining documentation.  Develop tracking systems for Institutional review of relevant retention data. Work with Director of Institutional Assessment and Planning to gather and report data to various government and accreditation entities.  
  • Serve as LMS liaison and coordinator.  Act as overseer of the SIS, keeping information and statuses current for optimal efficiency.  
  • Prepare student survey results at end of each trimester for administrative and professorial review.   
  • Oversee collection of grades. Promptly issues grades, records, release of transfer certificates, transcripts, diplomas (noting “holds”), and other official records in accordance with government regulations and Winebrenner policy and procedures. The signature of this position holder is official for Winebrenner transcripts. 
  • Run SAP report at end of trimester and notify FA solutions if needed. Note students who need to be placed on or removed from academic probation, tracking those students. Ensure probation process is completed.  
  • Oversee registration process. Work with Academic Dean to develop the course schedule. Run reports for class size in order to evaluate for possible course cancellations.  
  • Provide auditor covenants to professors for courses, maintain file with covenants and track auditor student ratio for courses.  
  • Oversees annual production of academic catalog.  
  • Process Graduate Student Assistantships. 
  • Oversee super-hybrid/intensive class logistical preparation.  
  • Track graduation requirement fulfillment from preliminary list to graduation.  
  • Serve on Graduation Task Force (administrators planning graduation). Be present for graduation including set-up, tear down and coordination of days events. Participate with Student Graduation Committee.  
  • Provide Enrollment Management with updated expected graduation numbers by year and program. 
  • Serve on Committees as assigned by the Academic Dean. By virtue of office, serve on SAFE committee and attend faculty meetings (including executive session).  
  • Maintain documents relevant to the position both current and historical documents in accordance with the institutional document policy, keeping documents organizedMaintain the folder of Faculty meeting and Executive Session minutes.  
  • Work in conjunction with financial aid director to present to the auditor in regards to financial aid and student files. 
  • Full participation in on campus visits with judicatories 
  • Attend professional meetings and seminars on behalf of Winebrenner, as needed. 
  • Answer 4200 line in conjunction with other staff members 
  • Submit, maintain, and notify Supervised Ministry professor of initial background checks. Report potential issues to Academic Dean. 
  • Monitor all email aliases relevant to the position, as needed, giving prompt and professional replies. 
  • Send federal compliance emails (copyright, accreditation information, voter registration, Constitution Day). 
  • Perform all other duties deemed appropriate for this position. 
Student Accounts & Financial Aid 
  • Work with FA Solutions to certify enrollment, apply direct loans, maintain documentation for disbursements and refund calculations.  
  • Maintain information for tuition remission, grants, Grant in Aid, and other tuition recovery processes. 
  • Ensure appropriate course fees are applied as appropriate. 
  • Maintain VA Once certification. 

The successful application will have the following qualities: 

  • Must have a B.A. degree, masters degree preferred. It is preferred that the degree be related to ministry. 
  • Must have the ability to work with students regularly, giving helpful, calm, and polite guidance.  

To submit your resume, email academicdept@winebrenner.edu.