Caleb & Christina Acosta – Ministers to God’s Latino Fields

Since 2010, God has blessed the ministry of Pastors Caleb & Christina Acosta and their outreach to the Latino community, both here in the United States and abroad  

Caleb was born and raised in Venezuela and came to the United States in 1989. Christina is a native of Lancaster County, PA. God brought them together at a church gathering and began to transform their lives in preparation for ministry.   

In 2004, they started the Sanidad Divina (Divine Healing) Church in Columbia, PA, where they were able to share facilities with the Columbia Church of God, which is part of the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC). This Spanish-speaking congregation was received into the Eastern Region Conference of the CGGC in 2007 and now owns its own facility.   

During a visit to Venezuela in 2006, Caleb and Christina planted a church in Maracay and started the process of networking with and planting other churches to begin the Venezuela Conference of the CGGC. In the years since they became Latino Ministries Directors, the ministry has expanded to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru. God is at work!  

Both Christina and Caleb entered Winebrenner’s Master of Arts in Practical Theology program in the spring of 2017. And with the MAPT now offered fully online, they are able to complete their degrees and continue in their ongoing ministry commitments. 

Indeed, Caleb and Christina are extraordinarily busy people! Not only do they travel at least once a year to each Latino field, they also stay in regular contact with field leaders, lead mission teams, help to lead the Latino Ministries Training Institute in Columbia, PA, serve on the Global Reach Commission with the CGGCand serve as co-pastors of the Sanidad Divina Church in Columbia, PA. All this on top of their graduate level studies. 

They praise God for the new church plants and the many new believers who have been baptized as a result of the various outreach teams. Like many in the mission field, Caleb and Christina urge others to join in the Great Commission through prayer, financial support and service. Christina shares, “We are living in difficult times, but God is still opening doors. We continue to serve though finances are a challenge. We walk in faith. We know that God raises up men and women to serve Him. We serve for the sake of others in God’s Kingdom.” 




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