Kingdom Transformation: Caleb & Christina Acosta

As I noted last week, throughout this month we are focusing on Winebrenner’s vision of helping Christ-focused servants transform the world. Long before graduating from Winebrenner Seminary in 2020, Caleb and Christina Acosta were witnesses of God’s kingdom change. Winebrenner’s commitment to discipleship and spiritual development provided a great learning environment for these agents of kingdom transformation.

A dictionary definition of “kingdom” doesn’t do justice to the work that is taking place in many churches and communities. The Acostas provide a real-life example of what it means to bring churches, communities, and countries into greater alignment with God’s kingdom priorities.

Christina writes:

As I type this we are attending the Churches of God, General Conference Global Reach Commission Meeting in person here at Findlay. We are about to also go online to discuss partnerships with churches and missions abroad in the many countries. Our heart and passion for God can only increase! Transforming the world takes a life long commitment to serve him with all that we are.  Though we fall short sometimes we can never give up.  He is our creator and the owner of everything we have.  We want to serve him well  so that when that glorious day comes he will call us by name and open the gates of heaven for us to enter in to be with him for all eternity. While here on Earth we continue to give God all we have and dedicate it all to his service. Pray that God would lead us to the people that need to hear about Jesus and come to know him as their personal Lord and savior. We continue to serve him for the sake of others.

Thank you for contributing to our lives so that we may do this more effectively.


Jesus replied: “’Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Matthew 22:37

This month we are celebrating with those who are working on the front lines as agents of kingdom transformation.

Throughout this series we are revisiting and updating some student stories from the past few years. In September 2019 we shared the story of Caleb and Christina Acosta (click here to read more about their life and ministry).