Learning Outcomes

As followers of Jesus Christ and servant leaders of the church, we are called to:

Gain Knowledge 

•The graduate will understand evangelical theology, content pertinent to his/her program, and a biblical worldview.
•The graduate will articulate a coherent faith statement demonstrating proficiency in biblical studies, theology, and church history.
•The graduate will have the capacity to integrate theological reflection and critical thinking into his/her work in the church, academia, or other vocational settings.
•The graduate will be able to critically evaluate and communicate his/her own biblical worldview in the context of her/his discipline.
•The graduate will demonstrate broad exposure to the biblical text and competence in expressing this knowledge into his/her praxis context.
•The graduate will reflect an appreciation for diverse historical and cultural perspectives and traditions.
•The graduate will demonstrate competence in the theories and methods specific to his/her area of study and intended ministry context.

Pursue Wholeness 

•The graduate will manifest growth in personal wholeness, spiritual formation, and professional character.
•The graduate will progress in the achievement of stated personal goals.
•The graduate will demonstrate time management, fiscal responsibility, and service to others.
•The graduate will show observable personal growth.
•The graduate will experience formation by the use of spiritual disciplines and practices.
•The graduate will integrate spiritual formation into his/her personal and professional life.
•The graduate will demonstrate moral and ethical character in classroom experiences and while practicing vocational/ministry skills.

Change Lives 

•The graduate will demonstrate engagement in God’s work of reconciliation, servant leadership, and skills appropriate to her or his area of study.
•The graduate will be able to apply Christian leadership techniques in his/her work in the church, academia, or other vocational settings.
•The graduate will be able to evaluate the needs of others in order to minister to diverse publics as part of the Missio Dei (mission of God).
•The graduate will engage in the design and implementation of goal setting in his/her personal and professional life.
•The graduate will engage in theological reflection and case study with peers.
•The graduate will demonstrate increasing competence in servant leadership in diverse contexts and in multiple ways.
•The graduate will demonstrate essential practical skills in his/her chosen vocational context.