Application – Visiting Students for the Institute for Christian Studies


〉 Complete the online application below. As an alternative you may print, complete application, scan and email to admissions@winebrenner.edu

〉 Contact your high school and any colleges you have attended to send an official transcript directly to the Winebrenner Admissions Office. Electronic transcripts may be emailed to admissions@winebrenner.edu. Hard copies may be sent directly to the attention of Winebrenner’s Admissions Office.

〉 Please indicate clearly in the “academic background” portion of the application the school where you are currently enrolled (as applicable). If you are currently enrolled, this application must be accompanied by an official written recommendation from the Academic Dean and/or Registrar of your current school.

〉 Once submitted, your application and any accompanying documents become property of Winebrenner Theological Seminary and may not be returned to you or used for any other purpose.

〉 Upon receipt of your application, official transcripts, and written recommendation from your current school, you will be notified via email of the decision of the Admissions Committee.

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Academic Background
It is your responsibility to request official transcripts from every college, university or graduate school you have attended. Transcripts should be sent directly to the Admissions Office at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. If transcripts are sent to you, please submit an official unopened copy to the Admissions Office.

If you are currently enrolled in an institution, please provide the following information. If not, leave blank.
School, State, Start Date, Current Program

Please list all other post-secondary education with the following information for each:
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