Thank You!

YOU Are the Reason We Can Study at Winebrenner!

I can’t express how much of an encouragement your generosity is to me. This education journey and calling from God over my life will always be connected to your faithfulness. Know that I receive your gift with plans to run with excellence the race set before me. You are a blessing!

Carlos Hernandez
Current Master of Divinity Student

I am so happy that there are people that have found it in their hearts to give contributions that will enable me and others to afford to gain a higher education in order to help others in the world.

Lucil'e Lowe
Current Student in the Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Program

Our culture is in need of spiritual leaders who understand the times and understand their call and it is through your generosity that Winebrenner can continue to invest in leaders who will lead churches to transform their communities. So thank you!

Michael Schooley
Lead Pastor and Alumnus of the Master of Arts in Practical Theology Program

We at Winebrenner join our voices to our students’ in expressing to you our deep gratitude. We are so grateful to you. 46% of the cost of our students’ education is funded by generous donors like you. Thank YOU again and again for including our students in your giving to the Lord. They simply could not receive this education and time of preparation without your partnership.