Starting Fall '21 Trimester

New Tuition Rate

An Accredited, Graduate Level Education for $300/Month

For $300/month, all grad students at Winebrenner Theological Seminary can take as many classes as they wish, for which they qualify. 

 Minimum Years to CompleteTotal Cost with $300/month tuition*Total cost with previous $525/credit hour tuition*
Master of Divinity3$10,800$42,525
Master of Arts in Practical Theology2$7,200$22,575
Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling3$10,800$36,225
Doctor of Ministry3$10,800$16,275

This $300/month rate does not extend beyond your education time at the Seminary.

*The totals in the two cost columns are based on a full-time student who completes their degree in the minimum number of years (in the first column).