Student Lauren Koetje Shares Impact of New Tuition Rate

What was your immediate thought when you read the good news about the $300/month tuition rate being affirmed by the Board?

That’s so exciting!

What does this decision mean for you right now?

I’ve been on the fence about continuing in my program for a few different reasons. One of those reasons is the financial expense of school. If tuition were to go back up, I would have easily decided to hold off on continuing my program until I was more stable financially. Now, I can continue with ease. It’s such a privilege to have found an affordable program where I am challenged to grow academically and spiritually.

What does this decision mean for you after you graduate? What field do you hope to enter? 

My hope for taking these classes is to be the most effective worship leader that I can be.

Any further thoughts?

To everyone who has contributed to the process of lowering Winebrenner’s tuition, thank you. Thank you on behalf of myself and all my classmates who could not have done this without your support. Our study is transforming and refining us, and our degrees will be the cherry on top to help open doors for new opportunity to build God’s Kingdom.