If Pastor John [Winebrenner] could return today,…
What would he think of this, our work
He would marvel at our abundance
And yet see beyond . . . into men’s souls
And find there, the same deep hunger
And hear the same insistent call:
Preach Jesus–O the glory of preaching Jesus.
Reverend Roy Schreiner, D.D., from Historical Pageant (1960)

Winebrenner Theological Seminary was established in 1942 as a graduate school of theology of Findlay College renamed The University of Findlay in 1989. In 1961, Winebrenner received its charter from the State of Ohio, to become an independent, degree-granting institution.

Winebrenner was founded by the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC), an evangelical denomination headquartered in Findlay, Ohio. The Seminary derives its name from the founder of the denomination, John Winebrenner, who established the group in 1825 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Winebrenner continues to serve the CGGC as its sole seminary as well as students from diverse denominational backgrounds.


Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, 2015 – present

Dr. David E. Draper, 1988 – 2015

Dr. George Weaver, 1977 – 1988

Dr. William T. Jackson, 1972 – 1977

Dr. Emil Holzhauser, 1970-1972

Dr. Richard Kern, 1963 – 1970

Dr. Gale Ritz, 1961 – 1963