Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is to have and exercise the corporate powers prescribed in the Constitution of the Churches of God, General Conference and those prescribed by the laws of the State of Ohio. The primary role of the board is to make policies and to exercise responsibility for sound management. It serves as sole authority in those policiesIt is to formulate and determine general educational and financial policies as shall be deemed necessary for the administration and development of the seminary in accordance with its stated mission. The Board of Trustees selects the President of the institution.
Dr. Karen Adams-Ferguson
Maumee, OH

Dr. James D. Allen
Bowling Green, OH

Dr. Craig Cramer
Port St. Lucie, FL

Dr. Christine Florendo
New Alexandria, PA

Mr. Ken McIntyre
Farmington, MO

Trustees by Virtue of Office

Pastor Kendall D. Hughes
Park Hills, MO
Administrative Council of the Churches of God, General Conference

Pastor J. Lance Finley, Secretary
Findlay, OH
Executive Director of the CGGC

Pastor Philip J. Scott
Latrobe, PA
Administrative Council of the Churches of God, General Conference

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. Dennis E. Bishop
Findlay, OH

Pastor W. Stanley Darrah
Chambersburg, PA

Pastor George Reser
Palm Bay, FL

Dr. George M. Whitson
Findlay, OH

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