Records & Forms

Contact for Student Records

Dr. Bruce Coats, Academic Dean


To request a transcript, please fill and submit this Winebrenner Transcript Request form.


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy of Act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended, Winebrenner Theological Seminary is restricted from releasing student information of any nature to third parties, with the exception of “directory” information which may be disclosed without the student’s knowledge. If a student wishes such directory information to be withheld from the student directory on Blackboard, denominational questionnaires, etc., it is their responsibility to notify Winebrenner in writing of their wish to opt out of inclusion in such directories.

Winebrenner does, on occasion, receive requests for additional student information (primarily financial accounts or academic progress), and students must complete the FERPA Form regarding access to such information by a third party.


New and continuing students must register for courses each term during the registration period (Fall courses – late July; Spring courses – late November; Summer courses – late March).  Returning students who do not make contact with the Registrar’s Office prior to the registration deadline (Fall – August 1; Spring – December 1; Summer – April 1) will be assessed a $50 late registration fee.


To request an extension, please review the catalog and submit an Extension Request Form.

Directed Study

Regularly scheduled courses at the seminary may be taken outside of the scheduled time frame on the basis of directed study only when the course cannot be taken at the regularly scheduled time because of an irreconcilable scheduling conflict affecting the normal degree progress of a student.

To begin the process of requesting a Directed Study, submit a Directed Study Form explaining their unusual circumstances requiring the directed study delivery format.

Independent Research

Independent research courses involve in-depth investigations or other kinds of extensive projects undertaken by individual students in consultation with a faculty member. An independent research course does not duplicate the essential content of any course regularly offered in a classroom setting, but provides opportunity for students who have demonstrated the capability to go beyond the seminary’s regular course offerings, in both depth and scope.

Upon approval of a course prospectus by the Student Success Coordinator and Academic Dean, the student will need to complete the

Independent Research Application Form with the assigned instructor and submit it to the Student Success Coordinator.