Mission, Vision, & Values

Winebrenner Theological Seminary equips leaders for service in God’s Kingdom.
Helping Christ-focused servants transform the world.
The Winebrenner Theological Seminary community affirms three value statements whose sequence suggests a progression from the center of our life together (Christ and Scripture) through the central value of the institution (education of the whole person) and culminates in a vision of community (welcoming and grace-filled). This sequence is descriptive of who we and offers a model we desire to see lived out in the lives of graduates.
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Centered on Christ and Rooted in Scripture
– focusing on the person and redemptive work of Christ as described in Scripture
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Rigorous Education of the Whole Person
– preparing leaders for a lifetime of innovative service in the Kingdom of God
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A Welcoming and Grace-Filled Community
– inviting the individual to embody Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit