Student Complaint Process

Winebrenner Theological Seminary Complaint Process 

Students enrolled in a Winebrenner Theological Seminary course who have a complaint about a course or experience should follow Winebrenner ‘s complaint, grievance, and grade dispute procedures found in the Academic Catalog Student Complaint Process pg 122

SARA State Complaint Process

Students enrolled in a course that takes place outside Ohio in a SARA member state must first follow institutional policies for the resolution of complaints. If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of that process, a complaint involving allegations of dishonest or fraudulent activity, including the provision of false or misleading information, may be brought to the Ohio Department of Education (ODHE) via the Ohio SARA portal entity. The SARA portal entity in the state where the student is located will be notified that the complaint was received and may assist as needed. Resolution of the complaint by the Ohio SARA portal entity is final.

Examples of types of student complaints that may be brought to a SARA portal entity include, but are not limited to, complaints regarding accuracy of job placement data, tuition or fee information, accreditation, whether a program meets professional licensing requirements, or course transfer information. Grade appeals and student conduct appeals are not allowed under SARA.

Accreditation Agency Complaints

Students with complaints that are not resolved at the institutional level may file complaints with the various agencies that accredit the institution and programs. Links to each accreditors’ complaint process are provided on the Accreditation page of the website.

Student complaints that cannot be resolved through the catalog process should be provided to complaints@winebrenner.edu