Student OJ Newburn Shares Impact of New Tuition Rate

My name is OJ Newburn, Sr. and I am in the Master of Divinity program. My immediate thought upon hearing the tuition discount was relief. I stepped out on faith in a time where budget wise it was going to be a stretch but I knew I was being led to pursue graduate studies and sharpen my craft and calling. This decision means I can strictly concentrate on school instead of trying to moonlight or work a second job to cover the costs. It allows me space to be fully committed to learning and not on trying to make a living. This allows me to stay on course to graduate within 3 years and continue to operate as a more skillful Senior Pastor in my community. I appreciate the generosity of the donors who made this possible and the decision makers to make this a reality. This tuition discount will allow others in the ministry to complete their education which ultimately benefits the kingdom. I pledge to pay it forward as well once I complete my studies.