Reset and Revitalize

I was recently invited to write an article for the In Trust Magazine exploring seminary finances from the perspective of a president. Here is the summary you’ll find on the In Trust website:

Reset and Revitalize

How one institution plugged into creative disruption

By Brent Sleasman, Ph.D.

In a “look-alike” sector, disrupting accepted practices for finances, fundraising, and curriculum can lead to differentiation and sustainable success. How one school broke out by changing just about everything.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Matt Huffman and the great team at In Trust on this publication!  You can read the article by clicking here. I’ll be glad to discuss questions or comments in response to the article. Happy reading!

– Dr. Brent Sleasman, President
– Image by geralt, accessed via Pixabay on Adobe Spark

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