Back to School: Student Story

In January of 2020 God called me into the classroom of Global Vision Christian School PA Campus as the Biblical Studies teacher for international senior high students. Having a Bachelors of Arts of Religious Studies with a Pastoral Emphasis through University of Findlay and Winebrenner Theological Seminary was not going to be enough for in the classroom, or to help in teaching with the Ministry Training Institute established by the Eastern Regional Conference. My prayer to God was that if this is where He called me I would also need for Him to supply the ability to obtain a Masters Degree. This was going to take a miraculous act of God, since there were no extra finances in our budget.

When Winebrenner announced the $300/month plan that was being made available it was an answer to my prayer. I was unsure what I would do once the limited program ended, but knew God had brought me this far and would open up something else once we came to that proverbial bridge. Hearing that the decision was made to make the $300/month program permanent is a blessing I cannot praise God for enough. It is something which I will let everyone know about, and encourage them that seminary education is not just for pastors and Christian professionals; it is for anyone looking to go deeper in Scripture and grow in their faith.

This decision allows me to complete the Masters program I started.  The $300/month program allows me to be equipped to do all God has called me to do without being a great financial burden now or in the future with great debt. We have worked hard over the years to avoid debt outside of our mortgage, so student loans were out of the question. This program is truly a great relief for our family.

I continue to teach Biblical Studies at Global Vision Christian School PA Campus during the day, and help train and equip God’s people in the Eastern Regional Conference, Churches of God General Conference in the evenings to answer God’s call in their lives as well.

I praise God, who has financially blessed the families of the donors that have made this $300/month program available. May God continue to richly bless you in answering His call upon your life to provide the financial assistance for the other parts of the body of Christ to serve as He has called them to serve. Thank you for doing your part in the body of Christ in kingdom work!

  • Tom Myers, ordained pastor in the Eastern Regional Conference, Churches of God General Conference