Exploring Theological Education as Discipleship: Summary & Conclusion

The education offered by Winebrenner Seminary has always played a role in the Christian discipleship process. However, over the past few years we’ve made an intentional shift to approach theological education as discipleship.  As a learning organization we are committed to growing in our understanding of our own commitments.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been exploring various aspects of viewing theological education as discipleship.  Here is a summary of what we’ve shared (you can click on the bold text below to go to the full post):

There’s so much more that is yet to be written about prioritizing discipleship in theological education.  One of the challenges is that most seminaries view themselves as “schools” and structure and prioritize functions that make them better schools. As I noted in the first post in this series, Winebrenner’s commitment is to serve as a catalyst for discipleship and as we fulfill this purpose we continue to translate our practices into language that permits us to maintain accreditation.

InDepth is designed to be a space where we can reimagine theological education.  We’ll continue to explore ways in which we can be faithful to God’s call and fulfill our mission of equipping leaders for service in God’s kingdom.