Back to School 2023: Cost to Educate

As we start the 2023-2024 academic year, there is another important statistic to highlight that encompasses the mission and vision of Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Key pillars for seminary education at Winebrenner are affordability, accessibility, and quality. On many of our promotional materials you will see these outlined.


By lowering our tuition to $300/month doors have been opened for students to engage in a journey of discipleship that helps them flourish in their vocations.


Winebrenner is tearing down the obstacles that have traditionally kept students from a seminary education. Contextualized learning, flexible entry points, expanding qualifications—Winebrenner is more accessible than ever, equipping more and more pastors, counselors, and leaders.


Winebrenner pursues excellence for our students from the point of inquiry through graduation. Our programs invite disciplined and thorough critical thinking, alongside a call to whole life transformation.

By holding fast to these standards, Winebrenner has continued to see student enrollment grow while also cutting the overall cost to educate a student; noting, at no point during this process has the overall quality of education been sacrificed. Winebrenner is committed to stewarding resources well for the further transformation of the Kingdom of God. For the third year in a row, Winebrenner decreased the cost to educate students despite inflationary increases and continued to yield fruitful growth.

The formula for identifying the Cost to Educate (CTE) is very simple: divide total expenses by the total number of students served. Fortunately, Winebrenner consistently spends slightly less than the expenses budgeted for a given year so we can have confidence in our calculation.

For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, Winebrenner has an approved budget with total projected expenses of $1,309,904. We began the trimmest with a total of 204 students enrolled in various courses throughout the fall.

2023-2024 Cost to Educate (CTE): $6,423

For comparison, the 2022-2023 CTE developed using the same formula was $7,106.

Because of Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s commitment to affordability, the annual tuition cost to students is $3,600. The remaining 44% of the total cost to educate comes from generous supporters like you. You are the way to affordable education, thank you! We are truly blessed at Winebrenner with a faithful community of believers standing alongside us with a commitment to steward our God given resources well.

– Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President