Application – Master’s & Doctoral Programs


〉 Complete all sections of the online application below.  Alternatively, you can download and print the application and mail it in.  

〉 A non-refundable fee of $30 must accompany the application. Payment can be made online by credit card after completing this application form.  Alternatively, payment can be made by personal check (see mailing address below) or by credit card by calling 1-800-992-4987.

〉 Request each institution listed in Academic Background to send a final official transcript of all post-secondary work directly to the Winebrenner Admissions Office. Masters level applicants need not submit high school transcripts. Transcripts are not required for auditors or visiting students.

〉 Visiting Students, clearly indicate in Academic Background the name and address of the school where your transcript from Winebrenner should be sent. Additionally, please include a letter from your Academic Dean indicating that you are currently a student in good standing at your seminary and that coursework from Winebrenner will be applied to your studies there.

〉 Once submitted, the application and all supporting documents become the property of Winebrenner Theological Seminary and may not be returned to you, nor may they be used for any other purpose.

〉 Once your application is complete, an interview may be necessary.

〉 You will be notified by mail regarding admission immediately after a decision has been made.

〉 Campus visits are encouraged. Please call the Admissions Office to arrange details for such visits at 800-992-4987.

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Application Form

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Academic Background
It is your responsibility to request official transcripts from every college, university or graduate school you have attended. Transcripts should be sent directly to the Admissions Office at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. If transcripts are sent to you, please submit an official unopened copy to the Admissions Office.

Please list all post-secondary education with the following information for each institution:
School, State, Date Attended, Degree Earned, Date Awarded

I acknowledge that all statements on this application and its attached pages are true to the best of my knowledge. I authorize Winebrenner Theological Seminary or their agents to investigate all statements contained in this application. I also authorize all persons, entities, and public agencies to respond to inquiries concerning me, and to supply verification of the information provided in my application. I hereby release all such individuals and entities from all liabilities and responsibility arising from them doing so. I agree to sign any additional releases or authorizations requested or required for the acquisition of additional information about me, including, but not limited to, authorizations necessary to obtain criminal records and information. If admitted, I agree to abide by the policies at Winebrenner Theological Seminary as they are described in the current catalog and student handbook.

Additional Admission Options

Auditors may take one or more courses per semester and have no interest in earning seminary credit or a degree. An auditor may participate in all class functions, but is not accountable for tests or assignments, nor will they receive a grade or credit.

Limited students are not enrolled in a degree program. Limited students may take up to five classes with the same privileges and responsibilities as degree program students and may transfer these into a future program at WTS.

Visiting students: If you are currently a student in good standing at another seminary, you are welcome to take classes at Winebrenner in order to transfer the credit to your current seminary.

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