From our Students to our Dear Donors

Gratitude in 2022

You are invited to join God’s work at Winebrenner Seminary as we look back on 2022!  Because 38% of our student’s education is funded through financial gifts, these stories wouldn’t exist without our valued givers.

Click here to give. Your giving directly impacts the lives of students – keep reading and you’ll learn more about those who have invited Winebrenner Seminary into their own spiritual journeys.

“I am thankful for your support of Winebrenner Seminary because it reminds me that there are people out there who are cheering me on in pursuit of the Lord. We are all kingdom builders and you actively partner with God to help encourage students to pursue God’s calling upon their lives. I am thankful to you for this Winebrenner education because I thoroughly enjoyed the school, people, and content. I feel more equipped to do what God is calling me to do, while my faith is continually being sharpened. Seminary is a wonderful challenge that is sometimes overwhelming, but good all the time. Thank you!”

Katelyn Lang, 2022 graduate, Master of Divinity 

“Because of your selfless giving, I can minister to the specific and unique brokenness of men and women who are incarcerated. ‘I was in prison, and you came to visit me.’ (Matthew 25:34-36). After nearly 30 years of consecutive incarceration, I now have the honor of visiting others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. YOU first visited me, by honoring me with the presence of your giving. You have no idea of the life-changing magnitude your gift has supplied to numerous lives. May God bless you! To God be all the glory!”

Toriano Henry, recent Master of Arts in Practical Theology student

“My education at Winebrenner means that I can study and be well-equipped to serve as a minister to those on the “margins,” those who may not feel safe or welcome at a traditional church setting. My dreams would not be fulfilled without your support – the donors of Winebrenner, the staff and faculty at Winebrenner, and John Winebrenner’s vision so many years ago. Thank you for blessing me, and may God bless you.” – Molly Weaver, 2021 graduate, Master of Divinity

“I love you guys so much for helping Mommy to do her training to be a pastor. I thank you guys, and I pray that God will bless you.” – Daughter Corrinne “Corri” Weaver

“I am grateful for the support Winebrenner receives so that future women in ministry can be supported; that the flexibility of Winebrenner’s classes allows for wives/mothers to answer God’s call is something special that we are all thankful for.” – Husband Destry

“I came to Winebrenner in 2007 for my M.Div and was blessed abundantly, not only with knowledge but a wonderful community! Your support made that degree happen at an affordable cost. Now, 10 years after earning my M.Div, I’m blessed that God has allowed me to begin my goal of working on my D.Min. I can afford it because of YOUR support of Winebrenner! Thank you!”

Katie Erickson, current Doctor of Ministry student

“I just want to share my thanks and gratitude for the support of each and every donor who has made a seminary education possible for me. I started seminary in January 2016 and determined that I could only afford one class per trimester. I was elated when I learned of resources available to me as a part-time student. I work full-time and am a wife, mother and elder at my church. It has been a blessing to have some financial support so that I will be able to graduate debt free. I am eternally blessed because of your support. Thank you!” 

Irene Blue, 2021 graduate, Master of Arts in Practical Theology

“Thank you so much for your faithfulness. I can’t express how much of an encouragement your generosity has been to me. This education journey and calling from God over my life will always be connected to your faithfulness. Know that I receive your gift with plans to run with excellence the race set before me. YOU ARE A BLESSING.”

Carlos Hernandez, current Master of Divinity student

“I am so very grateful for each and every donor that generously gives to Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Your generosity has made it financially possible for me to pursue God’s calling on my life to become a clinical counselor. I never thought I would be graduating with a master’s degree with no student loans! It’s all because of you! Thank you and God bless you!” 

Alison LeBlanc, 2022 graduate, Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling

“I’m thankful for the opportunity God has given me to pursue His call on my life at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  It is through your generosity and support that I am able to receive the training needed for this ministry.  Thank you, thank YOU!!!  My heart is grateful for each one of you!!!” 😊❤️

Regina Thomas, current Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling student

Above: Mary Kate Browning, 2021 graduate, Master of Arts in Practical Theology
Right: Frank McGibbon, Master of Divinity student
Below: Jacob Day, current student in the Master of Arts in Practical Theology


35% of a Winebrenner student’s education is funded through contributions from you, our valued givers. THANK YOU for keeping a seminary education within the reach of our students! 


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