Saturday November 9, 2019

Mental Health & the Church

1 / 5 people who visit or belong to your church has a mental health concern. Winebrenner Theological Seminary invites you to a half-day conference to learn how to better understand, embrace and respond to the uniqueness and gifts of those of us with mental health concerns.

The event will take place from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm in the Winebrenner building at 950 N Main Street in Findlay, Ohio. Scroll down for breakout sessions, cost and registration.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Steve Grcevich

Dr. Stephen Grcevich (MD, Northeast Ohio Medical University) is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who combines over 25 years of knowledge gained through clinical practice and teaching with extensive research experience evaluating medications prescribed to children and teens for ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Grcevich has been a presenter at over 35 national and international medical conferences and is a past recipient of the Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 

Dr. Grcevich blogs at Church4EveryChild, is a regular contributor for Moody Radio Cleveland and frequently speaks at national and international ministry conferences on mental health and spiritual development. His first book, Mental Health and the Church, was published by Zondervan in February 2018. 

Steve and his wife Denise live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Breakout Sessions

Awareness into Action: Supporting those with addictions

Too often labels are put on individuals plagued by addiction and they are shunned. This session will define addiction and focus on specific action steps you can take to assist those in need. A wealth of resources will also be shared. Let’s not walk away, let’s take action today. Let the healing begin!

Led by Dr. Kelli Jo Arndt

Effectively Helping Those Who are Grieving: A helper’s guide to caring for those suffering from suicide and other losses

Jesus told us that we all would suffer trials (John 16:33). Death, Suicide, Overdose, Divorce, Job Loss, Broken Relationships… we ALL suffer losses, and sometimes hearing the words, “I’m praying for you,” is not enough. In this session, participants will learn strategies to effectively help those who are grieving from various losses throughout their lives.

Led by Dr. Mary Iiames, Assistant Professor in Clinical Counseling at Winebrenner Seminary and Licensed School Counselor

Effectively Ministering to Children (and their families!) with Autism, Anger, Anxiety, and ADHD

Attendees with learn strategies and gain practical tools to compassionately and effectively support and include children (and their families) in their Church body and programs who experience autism, anger issues, anxiety symptoms, and ADHD Additionally, attendees will be given an overview of the symptoms that relate to the different needs of individuals within these diagnosis categories.
Led by:
– Pastor Elyse Everhart, licensed professional clinical counselor and Winebrenner Master of Divinity graduate
– Pastor Nathan Madison, Winebrenner Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling student
– Heidi Masters-Siebenaler, Winebrenner Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling student

Confronting the Stigma: Dismantling the shame surrounding mental illness in the Church

Session participants will become informed about the feelings of inferiority and shame that affect persons living with mental illness in the church. Participants will learn how shame affects those who experience it. They will also learn how to facilitate the freedom and comfort that only God provides, for those who experience shame.

Led by Dr. Karen McGibbon, LPC & Assistant Professor in Clinical Counseling

Pastors' Breakout Session

Dr. Grcevich will lead a special breakout session for pastors to discuss the needs of those with mental health concerns and ways that church leaders can more effectively minister to those needs.

Breakout Session Leaders

Dr. Mary Iiames, MACC Assistant Professor

Bluffton College, B.A.
Bowling Green State, M.Ed.
University of Toledo, Ph.D.
Elementary School Counselor

Dr. Kelli Jo Arndt, MACC Director & Professor

University of Toledo, B.S.
Bowling Green State, M.Ed.
University of Toledo, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen McGibbon, MACC Assistant Professor & LPC

Univ. of the West Indies, B.S.
St. Stephen’s College, M.A.
Regent University, Ph.D.

Elyse Everhart, Associate Pastor

Wright State University, MS: Counseling Concentration in Marriage and Family
Winebrenner Theological Seminary, MDiv

Nathan Madison, Pastor

Winebrenner Theological Seminary, MACC student



Welcome & Introduction

Keynote Speaker Dr. Stephen Grcevich

Break Out Session #1


Break Out Session #2

Keynote Speaker Dr. Stephen Grcevich

Closing & Prayer

Individual Cost

$50/individual by 11/7/19
$60/individual at the door

Group Cost

$40/individual when registered & paid as a group

Student Cost

$25/student when registered with an official school email address
Must present student ID at registration table the day of the event.


    When you hit "Send," you will be taken directly to a payment page. On that page, please select "Event registration" in the first dropdown and then type "Mental Health" as the event name. If you are registering 3 or more people, the cost is $40/individual. Students registering with a valid school email address are $25/student. All others are $50/individual or $60 at the door.

    Event Contact

    For details regarding the event, including registration and payment, please contact event organizer Dr. Mary Iiames at iiames@winebrenner.edu / 419-434-4246. 

    Dr. Mary Iiames, MACC Assistant Professor

    Bluffton College, B.A.
    Bowling Green State, M.Ed.
    University of Toledo, Ph.D.
    Elementary School Counselor