Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s goal is to help you finance your education responsibly. In short, we do not want to burden you with debt that causes you to make future decisions based on money rather than mission. Financial assistance outlined on this page does not have to be repaid. 


Available 2023-2024 Scholarships

Dr. Harry and Betty Cadamore Memorial Scholarship

Funds will be distributed to a student of the Allegheny Region Conference (ARC), Churches of God, General Conference, at a minimum of $300 annually.  If no ARC student receives the scholarship, the fund will continue to accrue.

John and Toni Murray Scholarship Fund

Funds are distributed to students preparing for pastoral ministry in partnership with the CGGC Leadership Fellow program of the Great Lakes Conference of the Churches of God, General Conference. You can learn more about this initiative by clicking here: https://glcfellowship.com/

Calvin E. Buhrman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Funds will be distributed to a student who demonstrates financial need.

Janice and Dennis Bishop Scholarship Endowment Fund

The scholarship shall be awarded to a student who is preparing for Christian ministry and/or church/missionary work and exemplifies Christian living.

Arthur E. and Lucille Eakin Scholarship

Funds will be distributed to a student who demonstrates financial need.

CGWM (Churches of God, Women's Ministry)

Funds will be distributed to female students who also participate in the ministry of the Churches of God, General Conference.

Carlos E. and M. Louise Hopkins Scholarship Fund

Funds will be distributed to a student from the Churches of God, General Conference.  On alternating years, a female student will receive this scholarship.

William C. and Betty DeWitt Scholarship Fund

Funds will be distributed to a student who demonstrates financial need.

Next Steps

  • After visiting Winebrenner Seminary's Tuition page, we encourage you to:
  • Make a planTake a good look at your finances. Where do you allocate the financial resources God has placed in your care? If you are like most of us, you may not know the answer to that question. As you begin your spiritual journey in partnership with Winebrenner Seminary, it can be helpful to consider your current budget and how things will work for you.
  • Talk with your local community of faithIn the Scriptures, people who engaged in theological education did so with the support and encouragement of their faith community. Who is walking with you on this journey? Often, a local church will choose to provide a portion of your tuition. It never hurts to ask for help. Also, please invite us into these conversations! We will gladly assist in having conversations with your pastor and/or church leaders.
  • Look for benefits or scholarshipsTalk with our Coordinator of New Student Engagement about opportunities to benefit from the generosity of those who have designated funds to assist students. The specific named scholarships listed above are available for this academic year.
  • If financial needs remain:
  • Apply for fundingYou can request consideration for financial assistance for the 2023-2024 academic year by downloading, completing, and returning the form below.
  • Prepare for an interviewIn an effort to make sure our scholarships meet the eligibility criteria and prioritize students with financial need, we are likely to reach out to meet with you to discuss your request.

Contact For Scholarship Information

Adam Willford
Coordinator of New Student Engagement

950 North Main Street
PO Box 479 
Findlay, OH  45840

Phone : 419-434-4274
Email : admissions@winebrenner.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the form?

You can download this form: 23-24 Application

After downloading the form, you can complete, and email to Adam Willford using the contact information on this page.

What is the deadline for submission?

Friday, August 4

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Adam Willford, at the information listed on this page.