Seminary Graduate Enrollment Incentive Program (SGEIP)

In an effort to make continuing education opportunities more accessible, Winebrenner offers one course for credit per trimester (for a total of three courses per year) at a one-half tuition discount to any person who has received a master’s level theological degree from an accredited seminary.

Individuals who have not graduated from Winebrenner must submit an application form, transcripts from previous academic work, and appropriate application fee. Alumni of Winebrenner who have not taken a class at Winebrenner in the past two years will also need to submit an application form and appropriate application fee. Students taking advantage of the SGEIP will be admitted on a Limited Graduate status, meaning that the student is enrolling in a limited number of courses, but not pursuing a degree.

The following guidelines apply to the SGEIP:

> Individuals participating in the SGEIP are not eligible for any additional financial aid provided by Winebrenner.

> The one-half tuition discount is only applicable on master’s level courses offered by Winebrenner. The discount does not apply to class offerings from the Doctor of Ministry program.

> Enrollment in some courses may be closed to participants in the SGEIP as a result of classes being filled to capacity by students who are currently pursuing degrees. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the course’s instructor and the Academic Dean.