$300/month Payment Plan
This current 2020/2021 academic year, Winebrenner Theological Seminary is offering all current, new, and returning students a $300/month payment plan. Under this plan, students can take all the grad-level classes for which they qualify for only $300/month. To learn more about this tremendous opportunity and to connect with our Admissions Office, head here.
The Board of Trustees met Friday, February 19, 2021 and voted to set Winebrenner’s tuition at $300/month as the Seminary’s persistent rate, beginning the 2021/2022 Academic Year.
To learn more about this tremendous opportunity and to connect with our Admissions Office, head here.
Tuition Table until Fall 2021

All Master Degrees

  • $525/credit hour
  • $1,575/3-credit course
  • $4,725/9-credit trimester
  • Contact Admissions Office for auditing fee
  • $0 student fees/trimester

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Doctor of Ministry

  • $580/credit hour
  • $1,160/2-credit course
  • Contact Admissions Office for auditing fee
  • $0 student fees/trimester

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Institute for Christian Studies

  • $200/course
  • Contact Admissions Office for auditing fee
  • $0 student fees/trimester

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Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition and fees for each term are due prior to the first day of class. A deferred payment plan may be arranged with the Business Office by contacting the Director of Finance. An acceptable plan is one which allows a minimum payment of 25% of assessed fees paid prior to the first day of classes, 50% of the balance paid prior to final exams. All accounts must be paid-in-full by the end of the term.

Students are responsible for payment of their accounts, even if they will be receiving outside funding; a 0.5% monthly finance charge will accrue on all unpaid balances. Students having outstanding obligations to the Business Office or library are not permitted to register for a new term of study until outstanding balances are paid. To avoid late registration fees, student accounts should be paid in full prior to mid-July for fall registration, mid-November for spring registration, and mid-March for summer registration.

Students (both current and former) no longer receive a fee statement mailed to them monthly. Up to date tuition and fee balances can be accessed via Populi. Students with any outstanding balance with the Business Office or Library will also not be able to view a report of their grades in Populi.

Viewing grades in person may be arranged by appointment with the Student Success and Records Coordinator at any time although a copy will not be issued (see Student’s Right of Access below), a diploma will not be bestowed, and a transcript or recommendation may not be requested until all obligations are met. Students having unusually difficult financial hardships may request special arrangements with the Business Office.

Financial Assistance

We encourage our students to employ a variety of resources to finance their education, including personal savings, employment, church and denominational support, support raising, grants and loans. God has provided for our students in a variety of ways for many years, and we trust that He will continue to provide for years to come.

Faith Covenant students who desire to pay as they go through their program without utilizing loans should contact the Business Office to explore this option. The basis of this agreement is a commitment by the student to make monthly payments to cover the tuition and fees for a given term. Stewardship resources will also be available to empower students to demonstrate faith, commitment, and integrity in their financial management.

For information regarding Federal Financial Aid please see Financial Aid Policies located on page 102 of the Academic Catalog.

Refund of Tuition

For Twelve Week Courses and Any Intensives:

  • Withdrawal during the 1st week (between 0 and 7 days): 85% Tuition Refund               
  • Withdrawal during the 2nd-3rd weeks (between 8 and 27 days): 70% Tuition Refund               
  • Withdrawal during the 4th-5th weeks (between 28-41 days): 50% Tuition Refund               
  • Withdrawal during the 6th-7th weeks (between 42 and 55 days): 25% Tuition Refund              
  • Withdrawal after the 7th week (after 55 days): No Refund

All course fees are non-refundable. Any withdrawal from class after the 1st session will result in a $30 drop fee per course.

Changes in registration and adjustments of the student’s academic schedule must be approved by the Student Success & Records Coordinator.

Special note for VA Students

In compliance with the Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018, no penalty will be imposed on any VA compliant student who has a disbursement delay of payment by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This includes no assessment of late fees, no denial of class access, library or other institutional facilities. In addition, the institution will not require a Chapter 31 or Chapter 33 recipient to borrow additional funds to cover financial obligations which are present due to a delay in disbursement by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs.