To Uproot and Tear Down…To Build and to Plant (Jeremiah 1:10)

Every decision at a seminary is based upon certain assumptions about finances and economics. Every decision at a seminary has implications for finances and the larger economic context. This is not to say that our financial and economic models are the most important aspect of what we do; I affirm the mission of discipleship as the core purpose of theological education (at Winebrenner Seminary we express this purpose through our mission of equipping leaders for service in God’s kingdom).

In the coming weeks I’ll be exploring an emerging educational approach to theological education built around low fixed costs, creative curriculum, and subscription tuition. In order to break apart of the component parts of this model, I’ll be relying upon the framework of the “business model canvas” to explain how the various aspects of a seminary can be disassembled and then rebuilt and reorganized around new expressions of mission and strategy.

– Dr. Brent Sleasman, President
– Image from Pexels, accessed on Adobe Spark