Shifting Benchmarks & Decision-Making: From External to Internal Markers, Part 3

As I conclude this brief series about internal metrics and establishing benchmarks, here are a few things I know about our emerging Dashboard:

  • Our final version needs to directly connect to our unique mission and strategy
  • This Dashboard 2.0 is an opportunity to keep everyone’s focus of attention on what’s most important to Winebrenner Seminary
  • It should have some basic aesthetic elements to make it at least minimally visually appealing (read Steve Jobs’ biography for a new appreciation of the role of aesthetics and design)
  • It should be circulated to key stakeholders including faculty, staff, and our Board of Trustees
  • Finally, what’s circulated will be the “public face” of a larger pool of data

Now, there are many things that remain unanswered such as the specific items that will be included on the Dashboard. Hopefully I’ll have a future post that provides a sketch of the emerging categories and the specific content of our Dashboard 2.0.

This continues to serve as an important discussion as wlead to a new approach to theological education built around low fixed costs, creative curriculum, and subscription tuition. Dashboard 2.0 is coming to faculty, staff, and other decision-makers soon. 

– Dr. Brent Sleasman
– Image by StartupStockPhotos, Pixabay on AdobeSpark

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