Creativity Precedes Innovation: Reprise

In the early season of COVID-19 I was struggling to reconcile the balance between change, innovation, and creativity.  Many hours were invested in reading, researching, talking about, and praying about how these three items intersect.  The fruit of that struggle was a brief series with the title “Creativity Precedes Innovation.”   If I would write these today I would probably place a greater emphasis on the need for experimentation; however, almost 18 months later I affirm everything that is written in the following (click on the link to read each post):

Creativity Precedes Innovation: An Introduction

Creativity Precedes Innovation: From Chaos to Creativity

Creativity Precedes Innovation: The Rhythm of Creativity and Innovation

More examples of creativity, experimentation, and innovation will be shared in the coming weeks.  As this challenging season continues we need to embrace the creativity that God has instilled in each of his children.

– Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President