Co-Mission & InDepth: From Pipelines to Platforms

Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring our new digital platform, Co-Mission.  This week’s post helps place Co-Mission into the larger organizational framework at Winebrenner Seminary.  I’ve written about the transition from “pipelines to platforms” previously and you can access those posts by clicking on any of the following:

     From Pipelines to Platforms: Shifting the Metaphor
     From Pipelines to Platforms: Key to Collaboration
     From Pipelines to Platforms: Examining Bachelor’s Equivalency
     From Pipelines to Platforms: Where do we go from here?
     To Uproot and Tear Down…To Build and to Plant: Key Partnerships

Co-Mission and InDepth are both built upon the Winebrenner “platform.”  In coming posts we’ll be sharing more about how the shift from “pipelines” to “platforms” is disrupting theological education and how Winebrenner is navigating this unique moment.

– Dr. Brent Sleasman, President