Kingdom Transformation

It is quite common to hear or read someone from Winebrenner exploring what it means to equip leaders for service in God’s kingdom. That’s a very good thing since that phrase reflects the language of our mission statement. We also frequently discuss our strategic commitments of collaborative relationships, contextual education, and communities of learners. Again, this is a very positive thing since these priorities are part of our approved Strategic Plan 2018-2023. Finally, you will encounter growing conversations about what it means to privilege affordability, accessibility, and quality when it comes to Winebrenner’s ongoing operations.

All of the above are very good for helping maintain focus and prioritization.

While we often talk about Winebrenner’s mission and strategy we have not spent nearly as much time talking about Winebrenner’s vision statement of helping Christ-focused servants transform the world. Throughout this month InDepth is going to share “front-line” stories of Winebrenner graduates who are working to bring kingdom transformation to their local contexts.

You may consider the phrase “transform the world” as somewhat vague, but I do believe there is are ways to illustrate and discuss kingdom transformation. What does it mean to bring our local churches, communities, and organizations into greater alignment with God’s kingdom priorities? The coming weeks we’ll share more about individuals and couples who are working for the purpose of helping their ministries look more and more like the Kingdom.

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