Stewardship: “The kingdom of heaven is like…”

Winebrenner exists to equip leaders for service in God’s kingdom. Since this is our commitment, it makes sense to explore what that kingdom is like!

There are multiple times when Jesus begins with the words “The kingdom of heaven is like…” and then proceeds to tell a story about workers in a vineyard or a wedding banquet. In Matthew 25 Jesus shares how the kingdom of heaven is like “a man on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his property to them.”

The story in Matthew 25 is insightful for thinking about stewardship in the context of theological education. I previously explored this passage when writing about Prioritizing Stewardship for God’s Kingdom Mission: Generosity. You can also read some previous posts about stewardship and theological education:

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God’s Kingdom, Our Winebrenner: Stewarding our Resources

In the following weeks I will be exploring Matthew 25 in a bit more detail to see what we can learn about stewardship within the context of theological education.

– Dr. Brent Sleasman, President, Winebrenner Theological Seminary

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