Graduation 2022: Student Story (Ross Wiley)

As Dr. Coats noted in last week’s post, Winebrenner’s graduation was a few weeks ago. Each Academic Year consists of three 12-week trimesters. At the conclusion of the third trimester – either in late July or early August – we have our annual graduation ceremony. This milestone provides a great opportunity to share some updates about several of our graduates.

Ross Wiley was profiled on Winebrenner’s blog a few years ago (you can read that post by clicking here). So in the spirit of “where are they now?” I checked in with Ross! His family moved back to the Seattle area in 2020 to assist a parent who was having some health concerns. Their family’s original mission was to join their home church full-time, but “along the way we felt the Lord calling us to a bigger mission field in Seattle. In August 2021 we joined Timberlake Church full-time and I recently accepted a promotion as Executive Pastor.”

According to Ross, there is revival happening in northwest Washington and they are extremely excited to reach their community with the gospel!

Prior to enrolling at Winebrenner, Ross was active duty military for ten years and spent the last five years of his enlistment in part-time ministry in Northern California. In 2016 “we decided to get out of the military and work towards planting a church using the profit from our restaurant businesses. I found Winebrenner shortly after we landed in Ohio and it has been quite an adventure since. We have served in several churches over the last five years and ultimately landed back home in Seattle.”

Congratulation, Ross! We’re excited to hear more stories of God’s kingdom work at Timberlake and the greater Seattle area! Ross’s story is just one way Winebrenner is equipping leaders for service in God’s kingdom.

We’ll be profiling another recent graduate next week!

  • Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President of Winebrenner Theological Seminary