Graduation 2022: Student Story (Madeline Baker)

This week we are continuing with an update about a recent graduate.

Winebrenner Theological Seminary exists to equip leaders for service in God’s kingdom. For the first 70 years of Winebrenner’s existence that meant that most students were either looking for education to further their development as a local church pastor or pursuing a degree so that they could meet the requirements to take an Ordination exam, also with an eye toward pastoral ministry.

Over the last decade, Winebrenner has grown in our understanding of what it means to be “called to ministry.” The Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling (MACC) degree is a valuable part of the life of Winebrenner and we are excited to celebrate with Madeline (Maddy) Baker, who recently graduated.

If you are interested in Maddy’s experiences that led her to the MACC program you can read more by clicking here. One major change you’ll notice is her last name – in addition to her coursework Maddy was married in December 2020!

In addition to recently graduating, Maddy has started working full-time at Unison Health in Toledo as an Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Her goals over the next two to five years include obtaining additional licensing allowing her to become an LPCC. She is also planning on receiving training and certification in grief and trauma therapy. Maddy shares, “It’s nice to know Winebrenner faculty prepared us for the world of counseling.”

Congratulations, Madeline!

Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President of Winebrenner Theological Seminary