Back to School 2022: Student Story (Joshua Thilmony)

One way to think about the role Winebrenner Seminary plays is to ask What problem exists in the life of a student that Winebrenner solves? (you can read more about answering this question by clicking here). In many cases, Winebrenner adds value by contributing to ministry knowledge. As we wrap up this series on InDepth, it’s great to share with you another story of how God is at work in the life of a Winebrenner student!

After pastoring for a few years, I felt like I needed more training in pastoral counseling.  I chose Winebrenner because of the convenience of taking local classes. The classes have become even more convenient since they are all online now.

I chose to enroll as a part-time student while maintaining my pastoring position. It was a good decision for me. The perspectives from the classes have helped me to effectively point church members toward good decision making and Bible interpretation. Every class has been helpful for my ministry. Each time I take a class, I have been able to incorporate what I’ve learned into what I am doing at the church.

I am having a good time pastoring at the same church in Findlay. The experience at Winebrenner refocused my ministry on efforts that are more helpful to the church and community.

  • Joshua Thilmony
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