Graduation 2023: Student Story (Sandy Bashaw)

Sandy was faced with a choice to continue in her nursing career…or was there something more.

“I came to Winebrenner from a calling from God. Many years ago, when I graduated High School, I worked in the behavioral health field and became a certified mental health specialist working with at risk youth, cognitively disabled population, criminally insane and various other individuals needing help. Well… instead, I ended up getting married and becoming a nurse.  I never finished school pursuing mental health/ counseling, and did not complete my calling.  

Fast forward to 7 years prior. I was talking with God and He moved me to pursue seminary. I graduated, and then He called me again to complete what He had started in me so many years back… COUNSELING. He reminded me that my name is Sandy, which means helper of mankind. It was time. I had no idea about Winebrenner and somehow someone told me about this Winebrenner Seminary. I looked it up; interviewed and well…. the rest is history. Here I am today… and graduating today. Only God.  

Coming to Winebrenner has made me stronger, and, I know, a better servant for God. Each class has helped me to see the different interwoven layers of scars embedded into my heart and soul. I have learned to work through my hurts and, in dealing with them, built me in becoming a better counselor. Jesus has been right alongside of me and has given me the hope in my healing and transformation. He has gotten me through this journey. I will be serving Him and helping others because of what I have learned at Winebrenner. The doors of opportunity are endless. I AM grateful. I AM a Counselor for Christ.”

Join us in congratulating Sandy on her recent graduation from Winebrenner Theological Seminary!