Doctor of Ministry Projects

The first two WTS Graduate D.Min. projects were completed in 2002. In the years following, additional projects have been completed. Each one addresses a unique ministry issue with quality research and writing. All but one of these dissertations has been published by ProQuest, a professional publisher of academic dissertations. Each project is protected by U. S. copyright law and is available here as a reference for D. Min. students. There are bound copies of these dissertations available for review in the Shafer Library on the campus of the University of Findlay. If you want to purchase bound copies of these dissertations, contact ProQuest directly at their website. The projects are listed in alphabetical order by the authors’ last names.

Can Two Walk Together Unless They are Agreed?:  The Role of Core Values in the Pastor/Church Call Process and Relationship – Darryl Allen

A Resource for Assemblies of God Staff Pastors Who Experience Abrupt Senior Pastor Transition – Jason Arant

Washing the Saints’ Feet:  Discovering Why Free Will Baptists Do and Do Not Participate – Franklin Baggett

A Personality Theory of Christian Spirituality – Gary Baldwin

How Do We Get There From Here?:  Vitalizing Our Mission Statement – Ben Borsay

Refocusing the Vision of the Rural/Small Town Church – Wayne Boyer

How a Minister Copes with a Potentially Divisive Congregational Issue – Mark Brodbeck

Church Planting in the Black Baptist Church – Arthur L. Butler

Pastoral Leadership in a Rural Congregation – Joseph Carney

Pastoral Resilience – Joel Cocklin

Mission Statements:  A Prescription for Clarifying Congregational Identity and Purpose in Medium-Sized Churches – Dave Coffin

Effective Expository Biblical Preaching to the Unchurched – Craig Cramer

The Tension of Counter-Cultural Rescue Ministries:  Seeking Support from the Current Culture – James Davison

Fanning into Flame the Gift:  Understandings and Strategies that Effectively Implement a Spiritual DNA of Outreach in a Local Church – Stephen Dunn

Storytelling:  A Source for Reducing Biblical Illiteracy – Jaclynn Krum Frisch

Integrated Spiritual Formation – Thomas R. Gardner

A Resource for Seminaries and Instructors Using Online Education Settings in Theological Education – Kathryn L. Helleman

Exploring How Spiritual Formation is Practiced by Chinese Christian Young Adults in Mainland China – Xiande Hong

East Meets West: A Study of Senior Chinese Immigrants in the United States from 1995 to 2014 – Ronglan Huang

Key Behaviors and Milestones in Adult Discipleship – Fashioning Intentionality, Personalization, Oversight, and Assessment – Martin D. Johnson

Rage in the Cage:  Making Sense of Grief and Violence Among Incarcerated Juvenile Delinquents – Murthy Kola

Emotional Intelligence and Chaplaincy: An Analysis of Elements of Emotional Intelligence in Chaplains’ Clinical Training and Encounters – Agnes Makau-Olwendo

A Need for Standards to Bring Uniformity and Integrity to the Ordination Process of the Lima Baptist Ministerial Association – LaMont Monford

Kenyan Couples in the American Diaspora: Marital Problems Experienced by Kenyan Immigrant Couples in the United States – Justus Musyoka 

Congregational Mission and Visionary Leadership in the Twenty First Century: A New Way to Attract the Unchurched and People of Color to ELCA Congregations – Samuel Payne

What Do These Things Mean?:  Learning How to Tell Our Stories as a Tool to Develop a Sense of Community – Kenneth Price

Adaptive Outreach: The Missional Process of Engagment – Daniel R. Pritt

Pastoral Care and Counseling Training In Small African-American Churches – Kenneth Rogiers

Good, Wise, and Spirit-Led:  How ELCA Pastoral Candidates Respond to a Letter of Call – Steven Schick

Pastoral Care through Liturgical Leadership – Steven Simpson 

Developing an Effective Spiritual Maturity Process within a Congregation – Patricia A. Snelling

Leading the Transition from a Traditional Attraction Based Ministry Model to a Missional Model of Ministry – Mark Yarger