Reimagining Theological Education: Priming the Conversation

Like many families during the “stay at home” phase of COVID-19, we looked at the walls in our house and eventually took on a home improvement project – in our case it was stripping the wallpaper and repainting our kitchen. Taking the time to prepare and prime the walls was an essential step for the overall look and success of the project. Even though primer may not be visible when the project is complete, without that stage the finished project would lack some of the shine.

Preparing and priming a conversation can serve a similar role. Beginning next week we’ll jump into ways that Winebrenner is working toward reimagining theological education for 2022 and beyond.  But, before moving forward this post provides a foundation by revisiting some of the items that have been shared on InDepth in that past. 

The following provides a summary of a series from early 2020, in the early stages of COVID-19, focused around the theme “creativity precedes innovation”:

Creativity Precedes Innovation: Reprise

During the summer of 2021, I explored the following at the intersections of creativity and innovation:

Creativity, Innovation & Prototyping
Creativity, Innovation & Accelerators
Creativity, Innovation & Re-Organization

Hopefully this will serve as a helpful primer for thinking about ways we can creatively reimagine the future of theological education! We’ll continue next week with a more s

– Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President

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