Highlighting Collaboration: Voice of the Gospel Ministry, Kenya

Winebrenner Seminary is privileged to work alongside multiple organizations focused on serving within God’s kingdom. Currently, Dr. Kathryn Helleman, Director of Winebrenner’s Doctor of Ministry program and Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries, is in Sagana, Kenya, and is teaching Theology I to just under a dozen students.

Pastor Nancy Boyer is accompanying Dr. Helleman. I had the privilege of traveling to Kenya with a group led by Nancy a few years ago and have witnessed her passion for that country first hand. You can read about that trip and learn more about how Winebrenner and the Churches of God, General Conference are working together in Kenya by clicking here.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is universal, but the language we use to train others to deepen their own knowledge changes from country to country. Anyone who has ever taught or spoken through a translator knows some of the challenges that emerge when ministering in international and intercultural contexts. If you are interested in a more academic treatment of the challenges of working in an international context you can read an article I wrote several years ago for an academic journal – click here to access.

While in Kenya, they will be staying in a home that doesn’t look much different from what we may think of as a cottage in the United States.

I am grateful to serve with colleagues who are willing to step outside of the expectations and comforts of our North American lifestyle to make sure we are sharing the Gospel around the world. There are times that email, phone calls, or Zoom may work to share information. But I’m looking forward to hearing the stories from Dr. Helleman and Nancy about how face to face interaction with the pastors in Kenya provides opportunities for deeper discipleship and learning.

  • Brent C. Sleasman, President (on behalf of Dr. Kathryn Helleman and Pastor Nancy Boyer)
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