2022 Year in Review – Partner Stories

One of the ways in which we think about our work at Winebrenner Seminary is to consider those for whom we are creating value. Previously on InDepth I’ve identified the three main groups we engage most frequently – students, collaborative partners, and givers (you can read that full post by clicking here). The number of collaborative partners continues to expand; for a full list you can follow this link.

Throughout 2022 we’ve engaged multiple partners, from those who are historically connected to Winebrenner along with those who are exploring exciting new collaborative opportunities. We’ll be updating our page highlighting our collaborative partners in 2023 and will have exciting new stories to share.

You can find a few additional stories from our partners by clicking on one of the links below:

Highlighting Collaboration: Voice of the Gospel Ministry, Kenya

An Update from the Churches of God, General Conference Triennial

We are privileged to work with so many kingdom-oriented groups as we seek to equip leaders for service in God’s kingdom together!

– Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President