Fall Term Update: Financial Policy Update

In December 2022 we shared some updates about financial policies that would be implemented in the fall 2023 term (you can read that post by clicking here). It’s hard to believe that we’re now at the start of the fall term! In fact, classes start today, Monday, August 28.

We’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about enrollment and some insights into the future. My firm belief is that organizations should be held accountable for following through with what they say they’ll do. So, here’s an update about how we implemented the financial plans we shared last winter:

  • All students must now have a payment method on file with our Director of Finance. This enables consistent billing and payment of our $300/month tuition.
  • We distributed a limited number of scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year. Our belief is that tuition of $300/month is similar to its own scholarship due to its low cost. However, we recognize the unique financial needs of our students and do our best to distribute these funds to those who demonstrate need and are often connected to a collaborative partner.
  • Financial obstacles should not prevent a student from pursuing God’s call. While Winebrenner now no longer participates in the Title IV (Federal Student Aid) process, we are committed to working with students to secure the necessary funding for their education.
  • Last fall we shared that the Board of Trustees voted to cancel the financial debt of those students who had accounts previously submitted to “collections.”

As we move forward with this academic year, I am excited about the way the Winebrenner community is committed to being a good steward of all the resources God provides.

  • Brent Sleasman, President