An Update from the Churches of God, General Conference Triennial

Last week I was a delegate at the triennial General Conference sessions of the Churches of God, General Conference (CGGC). The theme for the week was “Reimagine” and provided a great opportunity to connect with many students, partners, and givers. As a bit of a pre-conference, on Monday, July 25, we gathered in a room with nearly 35 others to hear stories of collaboration between Winebrenner and various regions of the CGGC. Among the highlights are:

  • A deepening relationship with the Great Lakes Conference – Winebrenner is collaborating with the Fellowship Initiative in an effort to combine a residency in a church setting with an MDiv education from Winebrenner; you can learn more by clicking here
  • Ongoing conversations with CGGC leaders in Kenya and Haiti to continue offering theological education in international contexts. Winebrenner is working with CGGC Global Reach to equip and train leaders around the world! You can read about my trip to Kenya in 2020 by clicking here.
Caleb & Christina Acosta are speaking as part of the CGGC Global Reach presentation. You can learn more about Caleb & Christina by clicking here.
  • Winebrenner Seminary has an agreement with Ministry Training Institute of the Eastern Region of the CGGC that permits students to move seamlessly from the MTI to Winebrenner. Learn more by clicking here.
  • A growing number of students from the Grand Point Church
  • A partnership with the Midwest Region and West Region for ministerial training and preparation
  • A growing partnership with Fathers on the Move

Collaborative partnerships take time to develop and many of these have been in development for several years. It was incredibly encouraging to see each of these gathered in one room!

You can click here to read a summary of the week by CGGC Executive Director, Lance Finley. Brad Brisco was the keynote speaker and explored the theme of reimagining the church for the present and future. If you are interested in reading some of my reflections on reimagining theological education written earlier this year you can follow the links below:

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Reimagining Theological Education: Funding

Finally, a few years ago Lance Finley reflected upon the value of the partnership between Winebrenner and the CGGC. His words remain true today and you can read them by clicking here.

Next week we’ll provide an update of our 2022 graduation!

– Dr. Brent C. Sleasman, President

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